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ROCKET CREW PRODUCTION (RCP) was formed in 2010 in the city of Bandung, with various national and international achievements, through trainers (Rocket Crew Indonesia) and BDA All Star, BDA has survived to this day, and is increasingly popular with all ages and groups. With a curriculum system that is very detailed, clear and attractive, BDA continues to be the most sought-after street dance venue in the city of Bandung, even outside the city of Bandung. The dance levels in BDA start from beginner, intermediate and advance.
In addition, BDA was able to gather all the best dancers from Sabang to Merauke to foreign countries through the biggest event in Indonesia, namely “Eat D Beat” from 2010-2019 which made the name of Indonesia, especially the city of Bandung, increasingly known throughout Asia and even Europe by inviting judges and internationally renowned dancers. Currently, RCP is located at D’Botanica Mall, LG and FF floors, and
has approximately 200 students per year (300-400 students before the pandemic), and has succeeded in producing dancers who are able to compete in industry and street dance.


Everyday at the Bridge Dance Academy is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.

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Become a Home and Family for the younger generation in a creative way through dance.

Form and prepare professional and qualified dancers.



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Our Philosophy

In this world there is no such thing as impossible as long as we want to try and learn. as long as we want to believe and work hard, then success will be ours.

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