Real Name: Maverine Hearti Eltho
A.K.A : RC Erine
Start Dance : 2019

Favorite Dancer : Keone Madrid

” Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

Real Name  : Cessoria Phianissha, S. Si.
A.K.A : Cesso
Start Dance: 2014

Favorite Dancer: Rie Hata, Yumeki Katenaka, 82 Beom, Akanecchi Betty, Andrey Stylez

” Through dance, I discover plenty things about myself.”

Real Name : Lucas samuel
A.K.A: Lucanno
Start Dance:  2011
Other Crew Bandung Freestyle Jam

 “Dance bukan cuma rubah skill tapi juga rubah hidup saya jadi jauh lebih better”
dancer favorite: Bam martin, keone and mariel, shay latukolan, paradox, rubix, majid

Real Name : Shannia Eunike Audrey, S.Ds.
A.K.A: RC Caca
Start Dance: 2018
Favorite Dancer : Yoojunglee, eemmasong, JoshBeauchamp, meettherodz, Jadebug.
quotes about your dance :

“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.”

Real Name : Thannia Phoebe Alicia S.Ds.
A.K.A: RC Nana
Start Dance: 2018

Favorite Dancer : isabelle bonacorsi, shawn, Yoojunglee

“Always need to dance, do your best and keep learning”

Real Name : Jacky
A.K.A: Rc Jacky
Start Dance: 13
Others Crew: deboys.batam  bandung freestyle jam

Favorite Dancer: nelson, hozin, paradox

“One dance one dream glory to God, all for JC”

Real Name : Steven Lim
A.K.A: RC Steven | Boi Gorekilla
Start Dance: 2016
Other Crew: Gorekilla Fam

Favorite Dancer: Haeni Kim, Chris Martin, Boi Mijo

“There is only one ‘you’.”

Real Name : Meyke Ingrit Purboyo
Start dance: 2016
Favorite Dancers: vinh nguyen, keone madrid

“Dance is where my heart’s language finds its rhythm”

Real Name : Gabriella Aphrodita Handoko
A.K.A: Gabby (가비)
Start Dance: 2019

Favorite Dancer: Haeni Kim, Shaun Evaristo, Taryn Cheng, Vivi-The Vinh, Sean Lew, Jinwoo, Beom, J-Ho

“Always remember why you start dancing”

Real Name: Alexa Danielle
A.K.A: RC Alexa
Start Dance: 2019
Favorite Dancer: Kyoka, Lea Simonsen, Batalla, Anna Beat Yudat, Andrey Stylez

“Dance is like a life journey, it reflects your value and character in real life”

Real Name : Olivia Natasha
A.K.A : RC Tasha
Start Dance: 2015

Favorite Dancer: Keone Madrid, Sean Lew


“your only limit is your mind”

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